Bad Luck - and How to Avoid It

Every player will surely want to know what bad luck in casino means and how they can avoid it whenever they go gaming. This has been a say that has tormented most players over years especially since to some extent there are no known remedies to poor performance in any casino game.

There are still those who believe that bad luck is unavoidable once a player decides to enter in a casino through the main entrance. There are no proven answers behind this but there are still those who hold onto this dearly. There is also another group of people who believe that $ 50 bills have bad luck and they will do whatever it takes not touch or even accept this kind of money; the same applies to the $ 2 bill which is slowly being eradicated in some casinos.

Counting money in the course of a game is also seen as a sign of bad luck and you may be shocked at the hard looks you get when you decide to go on with this activity at a gaming table with different people. Whistling, singing or humming your favorite song could also bring you bad luck according to those who believe so. Crossing your legs while playing can also attract bad luck since it is a sign of crossing the good luck headed your way in any game.

All these theories have no proof but still there are those who still uphold them in this century where every thing is supported with facts. No one is restricted from observing what they believe in as long as it does not have direct impact on other casino gamers. There are facts though that if followed carefully can assist a player in keeping bad luck at bay at all times.

The first thing that every casino player should understand is that every game requires the use of the brain and tactful thinking. This again has been a point refuted by some who have succeeded without having to use more of their brain power. The percentage represented by such people is almost negligible meaning there are no scientific or logical facts that can support those players who believe in fate or luck. Reading the documented records of those who have managed to scoop huge rewards confirms that it is true that bad luck in a casino can only be avoided by taking control of your brain throughout the entire game.

Studying the moves of your opponents is very important. This will make it easy for you to carefully craft a move that can counter what could seem to be a threat to your chances of winning. This supports the concept of strategy which is very important in all casino games. It is hard to walk into a gaming table without a formula that you intend to apply and expect to beat those who have been planning for this game for a period of time.

You require a well laid out master plan if you want to avoid bad luck and win big!