Slots Tricky Points - General Misconcepts

As we are providing a huge amount of information about the slots machine and the casino games that they are offering, it is our responsibility to keep the visitors and the gamer informed about some of the miss concepts or myths that are baseless about the slots. Some of the myths are given bellow.

  1. The concept that the pattern or cycle of slot machines' spins can be defined through watchful study is wrong. The reason behind it is that the slot machines are random number generators. It can generate millions of different combinations of numbers at a time randomly. Human cannot track any sequence. On the other hand, a computer would need a lot of data to recognize the sequence and for this reason if any one can determine the sequences using the computer he will not be able to push the split-button in millisecond which is required to hit.
  2. A change in hitting time changes the result. A vivid example is here: where after my leave someone sat down and won a big jackpot which was supposed to be mine. So, someone needs to push the button by exactly same time that another player does.
  3. After playing this machine for several straight days (20 or 8 or 5) I could not won the jackpot. Sad but true is that the likelihoods of winning the jackpot are on the 1st and 15000th spin: which is based on tons of spins. So a player needs to play at least 1,000 hours to predict the spins and which does not ensure hitting the jackpot. There are many myths on the slot machines.
  4. That Slot Machine Has Just Paid out one big Jackpot: If the user decides not to play a particular slot because it has just given a huge pay out a moment ago to the previous user, then we would say the user is living in the heavens of fool. Because the slot machines are formed in such a way that it averages one particular payout percentage over thousands or millions of spins. So there is no reason why a machine can't provide two jackpots within a short period of time.
  5. Betting single coin at single time creates more chances of getting payouts: The system of the machine is designed in a way that it has no clue about how many coins the user puts in it. Because the slot reels get runs by the machine.
  6. The casino has the authority to control the time when the jackpot would hit: Like we said before the RNG works in its own way. So from that aspect the casino just can't have any authority to control the time of hitting the jackpot.