Variants and Types of Slot Games

Slot games are different in types played at land casino and online casino sites. The game is varied depending on some terms, spinning reels, play-lines, themes, jackpots, payout, betting limits etc. You can drive these types of slot gamesin a single slot.

Classic Slots

There are five play-lines and three spinning reels at the classic slots. These slots were also popular before. The classic slots are now found at most of the casino websites, bars and pubs. The playing rule of three-reel slots is very easy. If you want to win the game then you have to get the combination of same symbol at a specific line. There are some positions where you have to show that combination of the same colored reel combination. There are few play lines like top-row, bottom-row, middle-row, left or right diagonal. If you can keep at least two symbols at a single row then you also can win money through this slot game.

Multi-reel Slots

There are some slot machines where the spinning reels are 5 in number and those types of slots are enough popular in this period. Number of the play lines may be varied and it may be more than 40. If you want to win then you get the winning combination on the play lines.

Super Big Bertha and Big Bertha slot machines were launched at the middle of 1900. Eight reels were contained at those machines and each reel was designed by the 20 types of symbols. At this modern time you can get such types of slot machines at a few casinos.

Progressive Slots

Increasing jackpot is the main theme of progressive slots. The players have to pay at a partial amount for playing at the progressive slots. There are some machines those have static slots are called static jackpots or Flat Top.

Video Slots

The traditional slots are comparatively easier than the video slots those are popular for having graphical superior at these slot games. You can gain more gambling experience from video slots. Like the traditional slots, the video slots also have 3 to 5 reels with highest forty play lines.

Multiplier Slots Game

Multiplier Slot is differed depending on the calculation of players. The payouts are multiplied with the symbolic number of coins by the multiplier slots.

Bonus Slots

Middle row, 1 play line and 3 spinning reels are the basic parts Bonus Slot machine. A bonus symbol will provide you extra bonus payout at the hitting period. The special combination also defines a good bonus. The players can get extra spines without using coins and that is the main feature of this machine. Always remember to apply slot tips.