Website Privacy

The Reason For Collecting Personal Information

Your personal information is collected by the OnlineSlotsTime so as to enable us to enhance our manner of operating and offering and communicating about our products & services with you. This is also very helpful to us in providing effective customer support as and when required. Unless, necessitated by the terms and conditions of this privacy policy we shall in no way rent, sell or share with third party any of your personally recognizable information without your consent.

E-Mail Generated By OnlineSlotsTime

Registering enables us to know of your intention to communicate with OnlineSlotsTime or not and if so in what manner. Normally, our e-mails are concerning our products and its promotion. The newsletters or marketing e-mails received by you may vary in number depending on the type of OnlineSlotsTime products or services. While registering with any of the OnlineSlotsTime you may choose not to receive any OnlineSlotsTime marketing e-mails or newsletters in respect of the particular product or service. In addition to this, you may also opt out from receiving any such e-mail, newsletter, promotional offers and similar other communications from different OnlineSlotsTime business lines, by exercising the option provided for the purpose in the online OnlineSlotsTime account accessible by you through the link "My Account" on, or through any such link available in the e-mails or on OnlineSlotsTime web pages. Anyway, we will continue sending e-mails to you in respect of products or services purchased by you previously, like for your entitlement to the available upgrade, the status of your account, or any kind of information regarding the OnlineSlotsTime products or services.

Updating Of Privacy Policy

In order to keep the OnlineSlotsTime products, services & web pages updated, we keep revising our privacy policy. Such updating is very much necessary to alert the users about recent changes. Its worth mentioning that every now & then we keep posting the Frequently Asked Questions about the products or services.