Origins and History of Slot Game

Modern slot game is very impressive and accessible to all types of players. But this game had different versions those were also popular at different times.

The gambling machines were first invented more than 115 years ago. Sittman and Pitt developed first gambling machine in 1891 at Brooklyn, America. At that time the game was used to be played depending on the card faces and poker hand was the main issue of payout. Five drums contained 50 symbols and the drums would spin when one nickel is placed by a player in the machine. The first machines were not used to be played with the payment system. Rather than that, the money, the machine was used to indicate the different types of prizes at the bar.

The payout system in the automated way was impossible for having series poker hands those would capable in selecting a winning combination. Normally Jack of Hearts and Ten of Spades were two items those detached from betting option and the odds were putted at the mechanism of the machine. The key cards were the main tools of winning hands.

First slot machine is known as the Liberty Bell was established by Charles Fey in San Francisco, America at 1899. The three spinning reels were included at that new machine and the reels were designed with five symbols like spades, a Liberty Bell, horseshoes, hearts and diamonds. The mechanism and outlook of the machine was very simple and started working as the automatic payout machine. When you can hit three bells at a single row over the play line then you will win Jackpot prize and if you can't win then you will be positioned at "Jack".

Modern slot machine

Electromagnetic slot machine has changed the casino environment and the system is now developed for the development of the technology. The first slot machine of electromagnetic technology was established at 1964 by the Bally Manufacturing. This was called by the Money Honey which was known as the first machine for ever than 50 years. At the first stage the levels and strings were replaced by the electrical components. This change of the slot brought the feature of playing higher jackpots and with multiple coins. The flashing noise and slots noise were also available at the new machine. The slot machine was vital for the players in appearing to the game.

Bally Manufacturing was involved in developing the slot machine and at 1970 they succeeded to invent a new machine named as Dollar Slot Machine that supports playing bigger jackpots. In this period table games are considered as the primary casino game whereas the slot games are considered as the secondary gambling game. Actually the slot games are becoming popular day by day.

Video poker slot

At 1980, Sircoma established a new slot machine which was known as the poker video slot machine. At the initial state of the invention the people can hardly rely on the video poker because they couldn't see the spinning reels. With the interval of few days, the video game becomes popular to all types of players.

At the middle of 1990, the billing system was added with the slot machine. From then the coin playing process was no longer continued. It increased the flexibility of playing the game at a slot machine for more times. Bally Gaming invented a smart slot machine at the 1992 and the machine was suitable to play multiple games at a single slot. At the 1990 another type of slot machine was invented. That slot machine offered bonus feature and additional chance of winning money by the spinning reels.

Modern slots offer playing cashless slots where you can use cards or tickets. There are some slots those are designed with the touch skin technology and the players can play more flexibly.

The familiarity of the slot games is now increasing day by day because of the arrival of the new versions of slot game developed by the software providers. The bonus features also is a different attraction of the casino games. The signup bonus and skill based bonus are some of the popular bonus of this recent period.

There a lot of people who are playing slot game online with their high speed internet connection. But you will get some people who haven't played the real slot but they are expert in playing online slot game.