Slots Payout Percentage Explained

Today people spend lots of time on online gambling as well astheir money too.Online slots give the same advantages like as you were playing at the real casino with the only difference; playing online is available even from your home.The only thing players should look for when searching online slots - is slots payout percentage. Most of gamblers choose slots because of the profit they want to get from their bets. The good slot machine to pick up must offer the player a 100% payout, which is almost impossible. Such slots payout percentages means that you will get almost the same sum of money you've put in the machine.

Slots Payouts

If you are lucky enough you may even find a machine with a 97% payout percentage. Such slot machines also offer various payment features etc. There may be machines that pay atabout 800 coins for 1 coin being inserted. This shows that slots payout is vary greatly depending on the value of your coins. Straight slots provide the next schedule:

  • If your one coin is of 50 cents value - then a bet of 3 coins would be 1.200 $.
  • If the coin is of 1$ value - then the payout would be 2.400$ on the same bet, because these slots pay 800 coins for 1 coin.

Progressive slots payouts are different from straight slots. Better odds can be found on the slots where the player inserts a maximum number of coins.Here is an average payout percentage for different slot machines:

  • 1 dollar machines - 93.2%
  • quarter machines - 92.5%
  • 5 dollar machines - 97.4%

However, it is a well-known fact that no one can count the payout percentage of a particular slots machine. You can't recognize a machine with better odds or with the worse payouts. The only known thing is that high denomination slots offer higher payoff.The best way to find out a slot machine with better payouts - is to look for their winning combinations. Choose slots where you'll be hitting low and medium symbols more often.